Downloading and building the kernel

Download section

To download specific files go to the Hartik download site.

Building HARTIK


System Requirements

To compile HARTIK, you need:

To run HARTIK programs, you need:

If you wish to install a real-mode operating system on a new partition, take a look at this page.


Before installing HARTIK you need to install the DJGPP C compiler. We suggest to install it in C:\DJGPP.

Then, the HARTIK system can be installed as follows:

  1. Download the HARTIK.ZIP file (for example in the root directory C:\)

  2. Unzip the HARTIK.ZIP file in the root directory (C:\). In this way, the system will be installed in C:\HARTIK.

    NOTE: If the C compiler is installed in a directory different than C:\DJGPP, before step 3, you have to go to the main HARTIK subdirectory and modify the DJSET.BAT file to write the correct path for the C compiler.

  3. Go to C:\HARTIK and complile the kernel:

    cd c:\hartik

  4. Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode.

  5. Go to C:\HARTIK and initialize the environment:

    cd c:\hartik

IMPORTANT: the HARTIK.BAT file must be executed every time you restart the computer in MS-DOS mode.

Developing HARTIK applications

Once you have builded all the HARTIK libraries, you are ready to compile HARTIK applications. In the examples directory you will find the source code of some demos. To test one of the example programs do the following:

  1. Create a working directory where you like to develop your applications (for example, C:\WORK) and go to this directory.

  2. Copy the following files from C:\HARTIK\EXAMPLES to your working directory:

    copy c:\hartik\examples\makefile.gnu
    copy c:\hartik\examples\m.bat
    copy c:\hartik\examples\aster.c

  3. Compile the ASTER.C example to test the system:

    m aster

  4. Run the example:

    x aster

Reporting bugs

If you have problems or you find a bug, please mail to, or to